NONANOIC ACID is a lipid of Fatty Acyls (FA) class. Nonanoic acid is associated with abnormalities such as megalocytosis, Hypos, Renal tubular disorder, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult and Little's Disease. The involved functions are known as Gene Expression, Signal Transduction, Regulation, Cell Cycle and Force. Nonanoic acid often locates in Membrane, Protoplasm, Body tissue, Extracellular and Cell membrane. The associated genes with NONANOIC ACID are cysteinylglycine, glycylsarcosine, arginine methyl ester, GLI3 gene and ADRBK1 gene. The related lipids are 1-octen-3-ol, Butyric Acids, palmitoleic acid, pentadecanoic acid and stearic acid.

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