fumonisin b1

fumonisin b1 is a lipid of Sphingolipids (SP) class. Fumonisin b1 is associated with abnormalities such as Infection, Kidney Diseases, Liver diseases, DERMATITIS HERPETIFORMIS, FAMILIAL and Malnutrition. The involved functions are known as Gene Expression, Anabolism, Signal, Biosynthetic Pathways and Regulation. Fumonisin b1 often locates in Body tissue, Microsomes, microsomal membrane, Protoplasm and Mitochondria. The associated genes with fumonisin b1 are Genome, P4HTM gene, FATE1 gene, BCL2 gene and TMEM132D gene. The related lipids are dihydroceramide, ceramide 1-phosphate, Sphingolipids, Fatty Acids and Palmitates.

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